Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All I Wanted Was My TX Driver's License

Whenever you move into a new state, one of the first things you want to do is get a new driver's license. This has been one of those things I wanted to get done sooner than later. In order to get one, you first have to register your car and show proof of registration. Okay, that's a bit different, but doable.

Before I can get my car registered, I have to get it inspected. Washington state didn't have any vehicle registration laws. When I lived in NY and WV they did, so this was understandable.

Today, I attempted to get the car inspected. The key word is "attempted." I couldn't. I needed to have a Texas auto insurance carrier. My insurance was with a local Washington agent. Okay. I go home and make phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls. I was beginning to think I couldn't afford to have a car. I finally settled on State Farm because they had the best rate, sorry Progressive (who by the way was $180 more than State Farm). So much for fancy commercials.

The insurance lady was very nice and I had everything I needed within the hour. I got my car insured and then inspected. Tomorrow it's off to the court house to get it registered. Which is another story.

Now, after all that is done, I will be able to bring my ID (passport is the best), social security card (not just the number), my $24.00, pass a vision exam and I will be official. I will have my Texas driver's license.

So what's the story about your state? Is it easy or hard? Don't be shy, share.

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Knitting Mania said...

Oh I feel your your pain here.
I think Montana will be very easy, I checked out their process this past summer, and it's easy breezy!

We just haven't taken the plundge yet because we knew there was a possibility that we would be back in Cali for the winter. Montana is so kick back, we felt it was best to change everything over next summer when we return.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Monica said...

Oh my! What a lot of red tape!!! Glad you were able to sort through it in such a relatively short amount of time!

Stacy said...

Been there, done that. Getting an AZ license, registration, and plate was one of the biggest hassles I've ever encountered. Registration is quite expensive here, and my DH was actually pulled over once for having an out of state plate.
Getting the driver's license required all of the car registration info, plus a birth certificate, social security card, old license (from another state), and waiting in line for about 6 hours (no lie). I think there was more, but I've blocked it out. Oh, and our cars have to be e-checked every few years as well before the tags can be renewed.

Keshi said...

NSW is pretty strict too but it was so easy for ME only cos Im an honest person plus a great driver!



Strider said...

Well, as they say....you're in good hands with All state...wait a minute.....State Farm....Well, they have the cool actor from "The Unit" doing their ads, so it must be good!!!!

Demara said...

It use to be a lot easier. Just pass a driving test and here's your license, sort of thing. Now it's a bit harder to get your license, because you have to pass 2 levels first! An L (learners) and then an N (New driver) stage.

And then there are rules with each letter/level of driving. After passing N, you get your official license! Which has to be renewed every 7 years. The renewal includes an eye exam and a $50 payment (at least it was the last time I did it).

I'm not sure if this is the same for someone who already has their license from another country though, but I'm assuming it most likely would be. However, I really don't know.

Oh and if you're just going from province to province, here in Canada we are very laid-back. I believe only your license plate would chang (and payment for insurance etc...), nothing more!

Dawn said...

Texas does make you jump through some hoops. You should see what all we have to do to teach our son driver's ed!

Since we've moved often in our married life, we experienced DMV's at each locale. The worst was Tennessee. I can feel my blood pressure rise just remembering that fiasco.


PS - Once you get your license, you'll be a naturalized citizen of Texas, ya know!

Scarlet said...

What an ordeal! I don't know about the whole state of Florida, but in Miami, if you can fit behind the wheel of a car and reach the pedal, you can get a license. The 97 year old lady across the street is a menace on the road...but no one will take her license away.

Good luck, Nadine! I know it's a hassle, but once it's done, it's done.

Penless Thoughts said...

Can you imagine what our daughter went through when she moved here after Katrina. She had to keep her Mississippi license in order to prove she was in Katrina and yet you have to give up your old license to get a new one here. Somehow our governmental agencies seem to always make things complicated.

Glad you're getting your license!!

Kelly said...

Texas is a little tough for vehicle registration. I will say, though, State Farm has NEVER denied a claim when we've had cars broken into and accidents. They have always taken care of everything without hassle and have the kindest customer service.

Getting my license in Oklahoma was difficult, because even though I didn't have to get the registration and everything done before the license, we had to go to two different locations had to go somewhere to get it done. It wouldn't have been bad if we would have known were to go first. We went to the DMV, which is not where you go to get a license. Then we went to another place, and we didn't have our passports. So we had to go home to get that. Then we went to the correct place again, where we basically got a stamped paper saying that they could give us a license. We THEN had to go to the tag agency to pick up the actual license. It doesn't seem like a lot to do, but when we were used to Texas, where you just go to the DMV, it was confusing.

Tammy said...

Statefarm has been for as long as I've driven and it's been good to me...I'm not sure how hard it is to get a new license from out of state here, though...so glad you finally got yours!

My first Home School Open House is here- come take a peek! :)

Cindy Swanson said...

It seems like anything like that involves a great deal of red tape and is a pain in the rear.

When I went to get my license renewed last December, I waited for quite some time before I finally got up to the counter. When the guy asked me in a routine manner if I had any health conditions, I almost said no...then I remembered I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a few months before, so I mentioned that.

Bad idea. I had to LEAVE and go get a written statement from my doctor, then COME BACK. Clear across town! Fortunately, they let me go right back up to the counter, but what a pain.

Art said...

TN doesn't have statewide vehicle inspection or strict insurance requirements so it's a lot easier. But I'm not sure how it would be with some one moving in to the state. Probably still easier than what you had to go through!

Kellan said...

Well -- that sounds HARD! I've never had to go through all that, but if I had had too - I'd have not been happy to have to go through all that work - sheeeesh!

Take care - Kellan

Damselfly said...

To tell the truth, I don't know what my state requires to get a license. I figure the state must give out licenses pretty freely, though, judging by the crazy drivers here.

Dawn said...

I've lived here so long that I have no idea! But it is expensive here, that is for sure. The good news is that you can renew your driver's license by jail - so I still look very young!

KarenW said...

It was a year and a half ago, almost, that we were going through the same thing. Seemed pretty easy but after 7 years in Romania. . . only taking an hour and a few documents to get a driver's license was a piece of cake!

palmtreefanatic said...

hmmm sounds like lots of work and I have no idea how our state works...hmmm
sorry to hear you have to go through so much! wow!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I haven't had to get a new license in decades because I've lived in the same state - Rhode Island. But this year I needed a renewal (required every 10 years) and I waited at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for 2 hours for my turn. And when I got to the counter, I assumed I'd have another photo taken... but no! I have the same photo from 10 years ago and I'll have the same one for 5 more years. Believe me. I have changed. I did need my birth certificate, though... and my social security card. I know it's all about national security, so that wasn't a problem... but 2 HOURS for a renewal with no photo!? Yikes!

Shionge said...

Gosh I didn't know this is so tedious just o change driver's license.

Over here when we were preparing to go over to the States, we just send in an application form for a international driving lesson and we are good to go :D

Hope you've got it now Nadine :D

elizabeth embracing life said...

It's been so long since I got a new driver's license I kind of forgot. I do know that my license expired before I had time to get it changes and I had to take the written and driving test. What a lot of extra homework for you.

Theresa said...

State Farm rules, just sayin'.

I found it easy to get my license and registration in CT because I had looked online first and got all the documents together before I went.

They needed any piece of mail that was delivered to my new house with my name on it....that was the only weird thing.

Jacki said...

Hey, I think you had to jump through as many hoops as Peter did to get his American drivers license!

chelle said...

oh geez do not get me started on the DMV in California ... shudders!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm new to Texas from Washington as well. I had the exact same experience - they make you find out the hard way don't they! Still don't have a license as of today...

Thanks for the tip on State Farm. I have a policy with them already, I think I'm just going to get them to change the state to Texas!


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